How to make a baby photo flash gallery with music

Get Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic to make a baby photo flash gallery to tell your baby's story.

Babies brought a lot of joy and happiness to each family, their cute fingers and toes, their silly smiles, first steps and their first teeth, these are truly the memorable moments in our lives. A baby photo flash gallery is a good way that your child can learn about his roots and himself. It is not only enjoyment, but also a good record of his early years.

Baby's photos are rare and special treasures, they can be the best gifts as a record of their growing up. Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic seems to be one of the best flash photo gallery software to create excellent baby flash photo gallery with baby songs, and no experience needed. Put your love and bless in the baby’s flash photo gallery with easy few steps. Below is a sample of baby flash photo gallery with a cute baby song.

Baby Photo Flash Gallery created with Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic

What you'll need:
1. Baby photos
2. Baby songs as background music
3. Flash gallery making software

Step 1: Import your baby photos and edit photos

Download Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic and install it. you can import your prepared baby photos into the program through the "Add Photo" button. And you can also edit the imported photos using the built-in tools issued by double-clicking photo thumbnails on Storyboard.
add baby photos to make baby photo flash gallery

Step 2: Add caption and descriptions to your baby’s photo(s) - optional

Maybe you have some good wishes want to express to your baby, or some words want to add to a specific photo. Do it in these steps: choose” Add caption” in the toolbar, then input the words into it.
add caption for baby flash photo gallery

Step 3: Choose from a variety of baby flash gallery templates

Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic offers you an easy way to make the baby photo flash gallery by choosing from variety of flash gallery templates. A flash gallery template automatically put preset decoration to your gallery. Choose left down items to set background image or or change the background color.If you want to add background music to your flash photo gallery, just use the "Add music" built-in tool on the left side of the storyboard.
Choose template for baby photo flash gallery with baby songs

Step 4: Add some baby songs to your baby photo flash gallery

Play with some lovely baby songs with your baby flash gallery will be more interesting. In this step, you can add baby songs as your background music files to play along with your baby flash gallery. Click "Add Music" button to browse and add your baby music files. You can add, remove and edit the music files. And you may check the option to control the background music looping or not.
add lovely baby songs for making baby photo flash gallery

Step 4: Preview and publish to save your baby photo flash gallery

It is advisable that you preview at least once, before your publish the flash gallery. After that go to "Publish" panel. Set output option such as Size, Flash option, quality, etc. You have several options to share and publish your baby photo flash gallery, such as SWF, EXE, and HTML. It depends on your needs.

 publish the cute baby photo flash gallery with baby songs

Download baby photo flash gallery with baby songs