How to make summer holiday travel photo gallery in flash

Get Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic to liven up your digital photos for the summer holidays.

Good time always past fast! After having a summer holiday with my family, I've taken lots of photos. Families by the seaside, talking, eating and enjoying quality time together always be the best time in my life. With so many pictures at hand a friend of mine suggest that I should turn these photos into a summer holiday photogallery and share it on my Facebook. She also recommend me to have a try with Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic.

Now I am going to turn these summer holiday pictures that fulfilled with summer fun and happiness into a wonderful flash photo gallery with summer songs to share it with my friends.

Summer Holiday Flash Gallery created with Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic

What you'll need:
1. Summer holiday pictures and background music
2. Flash gallery creating software

Step 1: Download & install Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic

We’ll be using a very nice flash photo gallery making software ‘Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic’ to making a stunning summer holiday flash photo gallery, head over here and download the free trial version. Next step is to install the program.

Step 2: Import summer holiday photos and edit photos

Import the photos you want by press the add photo button. If you have put wrong photo to Storyboard, first highlight it and select "Delete Photo" from the resulting. you can arrange the photos in the order you’d like them to appear.
Add photos for making summer holiday flash photo gallery

Step 3: Add image caption and description

Click "Edit photo" button or double click on the photo and it will turn out a new window. input the words you want to say into the blank then click "OK" to close the window. The caption will show up when you hang your cursor over photos, while the description will introduce additional information to the audience, such as the photo file name, when and where the photo was taken,as well as any text you want to tell.
add caption for making summer holiday photo flash gallery

Step 4: Select summer holiday flash photo gallery template

Click on Template tab and and choose one you like. The chosen template could be displayed on the right-hand preview window. The gallery mode provides 27 free flash photo gallery templates. Choose left down items to set background image or or change the background color.If you want to add background music to your flash photo gallery, just use the "Add music" built-in tool on the left side of the storyboard.
Choose gallery  template for making summer holiday flash photo gallery

Step 5: Preview and publish your summer holiday photo flash gallery

Preview your summer holiday flash gallery and if you are satisfied with your work, you can publish the flash gallery in swf, html, exe, screensaver formats, or you can mail the flash photo gallery to your friends directly.
preview and publish summer holiday flash photo gallery

Download free Flash Gallery software to liven up your digital photos for the summer holidays