How to make a wedding flash photo gallery with music

Get Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic to share your most precious memories in stunning wedding flash gallery

For everyone, wedding is one of the most important and holy event in his/her life. Wedding photos and videos are the precious part of wedding memories everlasting in a life's time. For someone who wants to express your love in a wedding ceremony, a wedding flash photo gallery would be one of the best choices.

Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic is a professional wedding flash photo gallery maker for new couples. With this flash gallery making software, you can easily make your personalized wedding flash photo galleries from your beautiful wedding pictures and romantic wedding songs. It is so easy that the process need no flash skills at all. Watch the wedding flash gallery below to have an idea and make one of your own wedding flash gallery by following the steps below.

Wedding Photo Flash Gallery created with Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic

What you'll need:
1. Wedding photos and wedding songs for your wedding gallery
2. Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic

Step 1: Download & install Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic

We’ll be using a very nice flash gallery making software ‘Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic’ to make a romantic wedding flash gallery with wedding photos and wedding songs, head over here and download the free trial version. Next step is to install the program.

Step 2: Import wedding photos and edit photos

Import the wedding photos you enjoy, then make it better with the built-in photo editing tool, which includes some basic functions like Caption, Brightness, Contrast Crop, Rotate, Effect, etc.  Then select a suitable wedding gallery template for the wedding flash photo gallery.
Add wedding photo for flash photo gallery

Step 3: Choose from a variety of wedding gallery templates

Aneesoft Flash Gallery Classic offers you an easy way to make the wedding photo flash gallery by choosing from variety of wedding gallery templates. A flash gallery template automatically put preset decoration to your gallery. Click "setings" to set background image or or change the background color, you can also set the looping and time duration here.
Choose wedding gallery template for making wedding flash gallery

Step 4: Add some wedding songs to your wedding flash gallery

Play with some romantic wedding music with your wedding flash gallery will be more interesting. In this step, you can add romantic wedding songs as your background music files to play along with your wedding flash gallery. Click" Add Music" button to browse and add your wedding music files. You can add, remove and edit the music files. And you may check the option to control the background music looping or not.

add wedding songs for wedding flash gallery

Step 5: Preview and publish wedding flash gallery

It is advisable that you preview at least once, before your publish the wedding flash gallery. After that go to "Publish" panel. Set output option such as Size, Flash option, quality, You have several options to share and publish your wedding photo flash gallery, such as SWF, EXE, and HTML. It depends on your needs.

Publish wedding photo flash gallery with wedding songs

Download wedding flash gallery software with music