Top 10 best free iPad games

Here are a bunch of best iPad games for free that you should go ahead and download.

The Apple iPad may mean changes to gaming as the gamer is no longer tethered to a computer. A good reason why games played a prominent role in the iPad product announcement despite the focus of media attention on its eBook reader capability. Keep in mind that any iPhone or iPod Touch game will run on the Apple iPad. Developers will no doubt deliver best free iPad games on iPad.

If you're sitting around waiting for iPad 4, iPad mini or think you'll be getting it in the near future, here are a bunch of best free iPad games (Christmas iPad games) that you should go ahead and download.

# 1 Harbor Master HD

By Imangi Studios, LLC

Harbor Master HD gives you one beautiful new level called Treasure Island. With six docks and two cargo types, the best free iPad game gets hectic very fast. For even more fun with your iPad, try playing with a friend!
Download Harbor Master HD
Best Free iPad Games - Harbor Master HD

# 2 Blackjack Free HD

By Haolan Qin
Experience real life like gaming on your multi-touch iPad today! Tap to "hit me", wave your hand to "stand" --- just like what you would do in a real casino. Only difference is, the game is FREE and all the virtual chips are FREE so you can have loads of fun without having to worry about your wallet.
Download Blackjack Free HD
Best Free iPad Games - Blackjack Free HD

# 3 Labyrinth 2 HD Lite

By Illusion Labs AB
The sequel to the original labyrinth game is available for your iPad, now with new levels fitted perfectly for the bigger screen. Labyrinth 2 HD supports the new bigger levels as well as the hundreds of thousands of iPhone/iPod touch levels already created by the community.
Download Labyrinth 2 HD Lite
Best Free iPad Games - Labyrinth 2 HD Lite

# 4 Nat Geo Games HD

By Illusion Labs AB
Immerse yourself in an amazing and relaxing underwater world with this beautiful jigsaw puzzle tailored for the iPad! More than 50 detailed underwater images combine with the sounds of the sea to immerse you in a world full of unique species of sea life. You can play with the included HD photo gallery from National Geographic's archives, or use your own photos!
Download Nat Geo Games HD
Best Free iPad Games - Nat Geo Games HD

# 5 Want My Lollipop

By InJoyee Co., Ltd.

Two cute baby balls are totally craving for their lollipops, yet they are separated from those little treats. It is your mission to step up and help these lovely ones! Use the little cannon to shoot the lollipop in corresponding color to each one of them and, as you do so, please pay attention to those props, as they might be quite useful in some cases, and get around of a variety of obstacles. So chop chop! You do not want to let those poor creatures wait too long!
Downlaod Want My Lollipop

# 6 CastleCraft

By Freeverse, Inc
Wage war against hundreds of others for realm domination! In this massively-multiplayer, city building strategy game, players follow three different quest lines, form alliances, and train different types of military, resource and technology units. Play against friends and others, chat in realtime, and watch your gorgeous city expand under intricate day-night cycles with dynamic particle effects in developer Infinite Lives' newest title. Collect Dragon Crystals to power up your city with magic and bring your foes to their knees!
Download CastleCraft
Best Free iPad Games - CastleCraft

# 7 Pukk HD

By Cobra Mobile Limited
Pukk HD as featured on, the best 2-player fun you can have with a friend on your iPad. It's simple, fun and it's the best Free iPad games.
Download Pukk HD
Best Free iPad Games - Pukk HD

# 8 Tap Tap Radiation

By Tapulous, Inc
Tap Tap Radiation takes Tap Tap Revenge to the next level with an all-new music game designed exclusively for the iPad! Tap to the beats of more than 50 free and premium tracks including Mos Def, Lady Gaga, Pink, David Guetta and others. If you've downloaded Tap Tap Revenge, this new game will blow you away!
Download Tap Tap Radiation
Best Free iPad Games - Tap Tap Radiation

# 9 We Rule

By Tapulous, Inc
Welcome to a fanciful world of kingdoms where you and your friends rule! Now on the iPad, The best way to see the grandeur of your Kingdom! Farm. Build. Rule. You. Your friends. Your community. Direct your citizens to farm the land and harvest crops for sale. Extract natural land resources and develop your estate’s infrastructure. Send caravans of crops and other goods to your friends to earn gold together, Eexpand housing, and collect taxes from your citizens.
Download We Rule
Best Free iPad Games - We Rule

# 10 Aurora Feint 3

By Danielle Cassley
Gather your friends and enter the ever expanding massively-multiplayer RPG world of fantasy, mystery, and magic. The Aurora Feint 3 story is just getting started so check back every week for big new features! Aurora Feint uses OpenFeint for global leaderboards, achievements, and community forums. Get connected to millions of players around the world!
Download Aurora Feint 3
Best Free iPad Games - Aurora Feint 3

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