Best free iPad 2 wallpapers

Find the best iPad 2 optimized wallpaper resources here: iPad 2 wallpapers, iPad 2 backgrounds and iPad 2 images.

With your newly purchased iPad 2, first thing you might be looking for is the best free iPad 2 wallpaper. Getting the perfect size wallpaper of your liking may be little difficult to get for iPad 2 because there is no right or wrong way of holding iPad 2 and doing so, i.e. when you change the orientation of iPad 2 from landscape to portrait, wallpaper also changes the orientation and crops it from two sides.

Standard size wallpapers like 1024 X 768 or widescreen wallpapers do not fit properly on Apple iPad 2. It has screen resolution of 1024 x 768 at 132 pixels per inch (ppi). Since, we can rotate iPad 2 from landscape to portrait and vice-versa – iPad 2 wallpaper size has to be 1024 X 1024 to fill the screen or background properly in either iPad 2 orientation. Here are few free iPad 2 optimized wallpapers of size 1024 X 1024 to add gloss to your iPad 2 and iPad.

Look no further, we have the collection of best free iPad 2 wallpapers for you.


Best Free iPad 2 Wallpapers - Christmas Snowflake
View full size of Water


Best Free iPad 2 Wallpapers - 3d
View full size 3D

Red Christmas lights

Best Free Christmas iPad Wallpapers - Red Christmas lights
View full size of Red Christmas lights


Best Free Christmas iPad Wallpapers - Christmas Bulbs
View full size of Cube

Apple Moon

Best Free iPad Wallpapers - Apple Moon
View full size of Apple Moon

Apple With Color Background

Best Free iPad Wallpapers - Apple With Color Background
View full size of Apple With Color Background

Clown Fishes

Best Free iPad Wallpapers - Clown Fishes
View full size of Clown Fishes

Clown Fishes

Best Free iPad Wallpapers - Starry night
View full size of Starry night

The Beatles

Best Free iPad Wallpapers - The Beatles
View full size of The Beatles

Circle faces

Best Free iPad Wallpapers - Circle faces
View full size of Circle faces

Planet Earth

Best Free iPad Wallpapers - Planet Earth
View full size of Planet Earth

Old Boat

Best Free iPad Wallpapers - Old Boat
View full size of Old Boat

Miniature City

Best Free iPad Wallpapers - Miniature City
View full size of Miniature City

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