Top 10 best free Thanksgiving iPad apps for Turkey Day

Find and download the top 10 best free iPad apps for Thanksgiving Day from Apple App Store.


Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. So it's time to get your iPhone into the holiday spirit! To help you handle this Thanksgiving Day we prepare a list of the best free iPad apps for Thanksgiving that lineup of the best free Thanksgiving iPad apps, from instant e-cards, to a personal Thanksgiving Day shopper, and even an organizer for Black Friday Sales.

Here are top 10 of our best free iPad apps for Thanksgiving Day to get you started.

Turkey Hunt

Best Thanksgiving iPad apps - Turkey Hunt

If you’re just hanging out on Thanksgiving Day and you feel like doing a little hunting but don’t have your gun listed in the registry, why not try Turkey Hunt by Jirbo? Just what it sounds like: use your iPhone to hunt a Thanksgiving turkey.
Download Turkey Hunt

Whole Foods Market Recipes

Best Thanksgiving iPad apps - Whole Foods Market Recipes

The best free Thanksgiving iPad cooking app also includes a good amount of Thanksgiving recipes. Recipes are healthy and include nutrition information -- not that you're likely to be worried about calories and fat grams on Thanksgiving!
Download Whole Foods Market Recipes

Faces iMake Lite

Best Thanksgiving iPad apps - Faces iMake Lite

This great free Thanksgiving iPad app will stimulate the right part of the brain and is a thing that people of all ages find really cool. You will have tons of various objects to create faces from! This free Thanksgiving app is a very nice thing to unite the whole family during Thanksgiving dinner.
Download Faces iMake Lite

Drinks and Cocktails

Best Thanksgiving iPad apps - Drinks and Cocktails

For people who like drinking, the best free Thanksgiving iPad app must be the best drinking app which include not only 1,000's of recipes you've never heard of, but also contains the most valuable drinks and keeps instructions simple and concise, avoiding bar tender jargon and confusing units.
Download Drinks and Cocktails

Epicurious Recipes

Best Thanksgiving iPad apps  - Epicurious Recipes!

Wondering how in the world to bake a turkey? Stressing over stuffing? Turn your iPad into a sous-chef with this best free iPad cooking app. It'll create shopping lists, help you find recipes, and guide you through your feast.
Download Epicurious Recipes

Free Turkey Calls

Best Thanksgiving iPad apps - Free Turkey Calls

Free Turkey Calls is the best free Thanksgiving iPad sound app that you have to have if you are out hunting for turkeys or if you want to annoy someone with the sounds of turkeys. Each call can be looped or play once. Users can select multiple calls and loop them all together.
Download Turkey Calls

TGI Black Friday

Best Thanksgiving iPad apps - TGI Black Friday

You might be busy creating your own list of Black Friday special deals. The free Thanksgiving app TGI Black Friday will make it super simple for you to find out the best possible deals. Compare prices, shop online, and search "thousands" of Black Friday deals.
Download TGI Black Friday

Thanksgiving Jokes

Best Thanksgiving iPad apps - Thanksgiving Jokes

Just entertain yourself with this iPad app of Thanksgiving-themed jokes. This best free Thanksgiving iPad app is based on Dustin Kirk's Stacks platform, which puts flash cards on your iPad. There's a large variety of topics available from math to trivia: nearly 13,000 in total.
Download Thanksgiving Jokes

Thanksgiving Match

Best Thanksgiving iPad apps - Thanksgiving Match

A great Thanksgiving game to download for your kids, and a nice app to just pass the time away as your cooking your Thanksgiving dinner this year. Thanksgiving Match is good to keep the kids occupied and aids in their memory skills.
Download Thanksgiving Match

Thanksgiving Feast

Best Thanksgiving iPad apps - Thanksgiving Feast

Don’t be fooled by the name. This free Thanksgiving app is not about the turkey day dinner. It’s a great app that encourages math skills. Kids will have fun with this Thanksgiving themed game and not even realize they’re learning. And it’s free.
Download Thanksgiving Feast

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