The New iPad Wi-Fi VS The New iPad Wi-Fi+4G

Read this article to see the comparison of iPad Wi-Fi VS iPad Wi-Fi+4G

The new iPad has come and has been very hot on market! Users speak high of the new iPad 's screen, improved camera, and performance with 4G networks. But when we decide to buy the new iPad Wi-Fi or the new iPad Wi-Fi+4G, maybe it’s a little difficult to choose between the two versions. Well, here I collect some differences to chew on ahead of making a purchasing decision on iPad Wi-Fi VS iPad Wi-Fi+4G. First let’s see the below chart.

The new iPad Wi-Fi VS The new iPad Wi-Fi+4G on wireless and cellular

The new iPad Wi-Fi VS The new iPad Wi-Fi+4G on price

The new iPad WiFi carries the basic price-$499. However, if you want the new iPad Wi-Fi+4G, you have to spend extra money for that model. Besides, to get the 4G connectivity to work, you need to buy a data plan. Depending on your provider-AT&T or Verizon, and the amount of bandwidth you want, you will end up spending about $15 to $30 more per month. So, if you want the cheaper model, then get the new iPad WiFi version. If you need the best Internet, get the new iPad Wi-Fi+4G.

The new iPad Wi-Fi VS The new iPad Wi-Fi+4G on connectivity

The new iPad WiFi can only use the Internet if a hotspot is around, and the Internet speed is slower than new iPad Wi-Fi+4G. You can use the Internet, watch videos online or play video games anywhere with the new iPad Wi-Fi+4G as long as you are within the carrier’s signal. So if the Internet speed and Internet always being connected are important, then get the new iPad Wi-Fi+4G and the extra data plan. If you are sitting around at a hotspot, then the new iPad WiFi is fine.

The new iPad Wi-Fi VS The new iPad Wi-Fi+4G on battery life

If you are not accessing the Internet, they both have about the same battery life. But when you start browsing, they have differences. iPad Wi-Fi+4G drains more battery than the new iPad Wi-Fi. Side by side, the new iPad Wi-Fi+4G tends to shave about two hours off the total battery time.

The new iPad Wi-Fi+4G model offers more versatility; it is more expensive and requires a data plan. However, if you have the money and need constant Internet access, than the new iPad Wi-Fi+4G is the way to choose.

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