How to use HandBrake to rip your DVDs to iPod & iPhone for free

Learn the step-by-step tutorial on how to rip DVD movies to iPod and iPhone with HandBrake for free.

These days many people are asking how to get the videos on their DVD library onto their iPod or iPhone for free.There are a number of programs that can do this. Besides the one we recommended called Aneesoft DVD Ripper Pro, here we will show you another one-HandBrake.

HandBrake is a free open-source program designed to convert MPEG video (including DVD-Video) into an MPEG-4 video file in MPEG-4 Part 14 (.mp4) or Matroska (.mkv) containers.It runs on Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux and converts DVDs to iPod and iPhone-playable video format.

HandBrake is a powerful tool, however, it limited in converting to only MPEG-4 and MKV files. If you need to convert to other devices support formats such as AVI, MOV, FLV, DIVX, XVID, WMV, 3GP, WMA etc, for your Xbox, PSP, 3GP, or upload to YouTube, Google Video, it will be useless to looking forward to help from HandBrake. Fortunately, Aneesoft DVD Ripper Pro fills the blank left by HandBrake. Besides rip DVD to MPEG-4, DVD to MKV, Aneesoft DVD Ripper Pro can also rip to almost all popular formats such as AVI, MOV, FLV, DIVX, XVID, WMV, 3GP, WMA, RM, HD etc. Compare to Handbrake, it's more easy to use (you can read this tutorial for the how-to-use of Aneesoft DVD Ripper Pro) with distinct interface, easy to understand, easy to set yourself. Moreover, if you want to edit your videos to be more personalized, like crop, trim, merge, add watermark, set special effect to your videos, Aneesoft wil be your best choice.

This guide tells you how to get video from your DVDs onto your iPod using Handbrake.

Step1: Download and Install required Software

You'll need two pieces of software to get this done. One is Handbrake, the other is a DVD decrypting tool called Aneesoft DVD Ripper Pro. If you have already store the DVD videos in your computer then you needn't the second one.

Step2: Run Handbrake

Insert your DVD and run the HandBrake. When you launch the program you will be faced with the interface below.

Run HandBrake to rip DVD movie to MP4

Step3: Selecting a Source file

Click the "Source" button, you will be given three options.

* Video File: Use this if you plan on converting a video file. (e.g. a file that ends with .mp4,.wmv etc)

* DVD/VIDEO_TS Folder:Use this option to select a DVD drive or a VIDEO_TS folder which is located on your hard drive

* DVD Drive Option: If HandBrake detects a DVD movie in your drive, it’ll show the name of the disc and you can simply select this option.

Depending on what option you select, you will either see a file or folder selection window appear. If you selected the file option, simply browse to the location where your source input file is located and select it. After selecting your source, HandBrake will scan it and setup the GUI for that source. If you insert a DVD into your DVD drive, the first thing you will see is below:

select DVD source to be ripped in HandBrake

Select "DVD" as your source, and click "Browse".Then you will need to select the source location of the DVD's video files. They are usually found within the "VIDEO-TS directory, and click "ok". Then an informational message will let you know that Handbrake is going to read information from your DVD, you'll agree.

Step 4: Selecting a Title and Chapters

If you insert your disc and choose the DVD/VIDEO_TS Folder, a drop-down menu named "Title:" will show. You are given a list of Titles on the source. Select the one you wish to encode. (The one with the longest duration is usually the main movie.) If you're ripping a TV show or something with multiple episodes on one disc, then select the episode you want.

Step 5: Setting up the Output file.

Click the "Browse" button in the Destination box. Browse to where you wish to save the output video. This should be self explanatory. As you'll be using MPEG-4 encoding, name the file with a .mp4 extension. Though, if you omit this, Handbrake should add if for you. After you type the name ,click "Save".

Step 6: Preset Settings

Choose a preset from the Preset list. You can choose iPod, iPhone&iPod Touch, Apple TV files according to your need. Every setting will be different on some parts automatically, you can adjust them as you like. There are also other parts you can choose to set, such as video, audio, subtitles etc. In fact, Handbrake will automatically determine width or height given one of the two dimensions, based on the aspect ratio. As you'll wnt to take advantage of the full size of the iPhone's screen enter 480 for width and 320 for the height. Handbrake will convert the movie to 480×320 while maintaining the native aspect ratio of the DVD.

Change preset video settings in HandBrake

Step 7: Start Encoding Video

After you have chosen all the things you need to set, click "Start" to convert your video.

Start ripping DVD to mp4 video with HandBrake

A command window will pop up, you only need to wait until it finished.

Step 8: Enjoy your videos

After it finished, you just need to put the converted videos in your iPod or iPhone, and enjoy yourself!