How to watch YouTube videos on Xbox 360

Read the step-by-step guide to learn how to watch YouTube videos on Xbox 360.

While you can load up YouTube videos on a Nintendo Wii or PS3, the Xbox 360 console doesn't make it such an easy task. You can use NXE with Windows Media Center to load a browser program, but that has its own limitations and needs you to keep on your computer. If you simply have Windows XP or similar and would like to be able to watch YouTube videos, then you can without Windows Media Center.

Solution 1: Download YouTube videos for watching on Xbox 360

This tutorial looks at downloading and saving YouTube videos (including HD YouTube videos) to your hard disk for offline viewing on Xbox 360. It uses free software called Aneesoft Free YouTube Downloader to achieve this task. It is a very basic and simple guide and should be easily understood by anyone with a basic knowledge of the web.

Things you’ll need
1. Aneesoft Free YouTube Downloader

Step 1: Download & install Aneesoft Free YouTube Downloader
Download YouTube videos for watching on Xbox 360

Step 2: Run Free YouTube Downloader and add YouTube video URLs
Click the button "Online Files" to add the URL of YouTube video into the program, including HD videos from YouTube.

Step 3: Start downloading YouTube videos
Press Download, the YouTube videos will start downloading automatically. You're able to download multiple YouTube videos all at once.

Step 4: Convert YouTube videos to Xbox 360 video format
This free version doesn't support this feature. You must upgrade to Aneesoft YouTube Converter to convert all YouTube videos to Xbox 360 video format for watching.

Download Aneesoft Free YouTube Downloader for Windows


Solution 2: Streaming YouTube videos on Xbox 360 via TVersity

Microsoft's Xbox 360 console does not offer a web browser like it's rivals, and so does not support watching YouTube videos. There are a variety of methods to watching YouTube on Xbox 360 however. This article looks at streaming videos directly from YouTube to an Xbox 360 over a home network (wired or wireless), and it will work for other sites too including Flickr and Google Video.

Things you’ll need
1. TVersity Media Server
2. FFDShow DirectShow Filters
3. Windows Media Player 11

You obviously need an Xbox 360 console that is on the same network as the computer you will install TVersity on. This network can be wired or wireless. Your computer should be relatively modern, and capable of playing back video content.

Step 1: Download & install TVersity Media Server/FFDShow DirectShow Filters/Windows Media Player 11
The installations are pretty straightforward. Be aware the the Windows Media Player installation (may require a reboot) will perform a check to make sure your copy of Windows is genuine. If it is not genuine, it will not install. If you did not know your copy of Windows is not genuine (or have gotten a false positive) then check Google for instructions on installing Windows Media Player 11 on a pirated operating system. 

Step 2: Set up TVersity
Now that TVersity, FFDShow and Windows Media Player have been setup, we can start adding YouTube content to the TVersity Library. Launch the TVersity client from a Desktop or Start Menu link.

The TVersity interface is very basic. Across the top of the program we have buttons to take us to different areas of the interface. Under Library there are two main columns below the button bar. To the left we have our Sources and Library buttons, and to the right is a list of the actual content in the TVersity Library. It really couldn't be easier.

Step 3: Add YouTube Links in TVersity

When the Add Media Source box pops up, do the following...

  • Type - Change Type to YouTube.
  • YouTube Type - You can choose what kind of YouTube content you want to add. You can Add a User, or a tag, or choose Recently Added Videos. You can also leave this field blank and simply Add a direct link to any YouTube video.
  • Video RSS - In here put the link to the YouTube video you want to Add to the Library.
  • Title - The Title you choose here will be shown on the Xbox 360.
  • Tags - You can add tags to the benefit of your Library if you wish to.

When you have filled up the details, click the Submit button.

As shown in the picture above, click YouTube on the left hand side of the program to see the YouTube clips you have added to your TVersity library. You can add as many clips or other content as you wish to the Library and it will be available to stream to the Xbox 360 console.

Step 4: Set up Xbox 360 Video Library and start streaming YouTube videos

So now we have setup the necessary software on the Windows computer that is on the same network as the Xbox 360 console, and have added YouTube links and other content to the TVersity Library. Now it is time to watch the content on the Xbox 360 console.

First you must go to the Xbox 360 video library. On the NXE Dashboard, under the My Xbox menu, scroll across to the Video Library option.

If everything has been done correctly, TVersity should be automatically recognised on your home network. If not, make sure that you have the Xbox 360 on the same network as the PC running TVersity. The video should now start playing full screen.